Join us in a fully customized, up-close and personal day of one-on-one business mentoring* and have your most pressing business questions answered.

We aim to cater the Business Experience to your specific needs and desires and in the below Contact Form you can tell us exactly what it is you hope to gain from the experience so that you leave getting exactly what you came for and then some!

Pricing for Business Mentoring starts at $1200.00 and does not include travel or accommodations. 

*This experience does not include any behind-the-chair shadowing and is strictly geared toward discussing your business goals, reviewing your current business structure, finances (if needed) and planning for a more successful future. IF you desire to experience an additional day of behind-the-chair hair education, please let us know. We are able to offer this at an add-on cost.

"A mentor is not someone who walks ahead of you to show you how they did it. a mentor walks alongside you to show you what you can do."

get in touch

Please send a message below questions AS COMPLETELY AS YOU CAN and our manager will reach out to you shortly to schedule your Olde Soul Business Mentorship in Austin, TX.

  1. Instagram Handle
  2. City & State
  3. WHY are you specifically interested in the Business Mentoring?
  4. Are you a barbershop owner?
  5. Please select from the following options the TOP 3 areas you are MOST interested in learning about during Olde Soul Business Mentoring:
  • Mastering Client Consultations
  • Social Media Practices & Marketing
  • Barbershop Ownership
  • Tools & systems
  • Budgeting for the future
  • Becoming an Educator
  • Gaining and Maintaining Clientele
  • Working with Barbers
  • Pricing
  • Other____

6. What do you hope to gain OVERALL from the Olde Soul Business Mentoring?

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