Stories Of Austin: Olde Soul Barbershop

Stories Of Austin: Olde Soul Barbershop

From our co-founder Oleksandra on Stories Of Austin 
In 2018, my husband Edgar and I spent 2 accidental hours in Austin. The city stole our hearts, so after a few months of deliberating, we sold everything and moved here. Once we got settled Edgar (a barber by trade) worked at another barbershop and I continued my career in eCommerce. A few months later Edgar approached me with an idea of our shop and though hesitant at first I wanted to support him.
Oleksandra Zubrytska & Edgar Argumedo in Olde Soul Barbershop

It took us a while but we found the perfect spot in East Austin. The challenge was that we had to open a shop within 1 week. The budget was minimal but our hopes and dreams were IMMENSE. We planned everything at night either during dinner or after putting our toddler to sleep. I felt completely crazy for even trying to do it but we stuck to it and luckily others helped. George, joined the shop as the 1st barber and helped with building everything inside. With minimal supplies, 2 chairs, and 1 couch, website, social media up we opened on June 1st, 2019..."

Edgar at Olde Soul Barbershop

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